It is one of the biggest Brazilian cities, the capital of Amazonas State and the major urban, financial and industrial center of the North of Brazil. It’s the most populated city of all Amazonia area, having more than 2.1 million inhabitants. Considered the most influential city of Western Amazonia, Manaus has a significant impact on the commerce, education, finance, industry, media, research, technology and entertainment of the region, being defined as a regional metropole according to the Brazilian urban hierarchy. The city is located in the center of the world’s greatest tropical forest, and positioned on the confluence of the rivers Negro and Solimões. It’s one of the cities most searched for tourists, and therefore it’s in a privileged position in the ranking of most visited cities in Brazil.

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Ponta Branca Tourist Complex

The construction of the Ponta Branca Tourist Complex, located on the east side of Manaus, in an area currently known as Ponta das Lajes, has a huge importance for the tourism of Amazonas State and its capital.

This project will enable the revitalization of a vast area that is currently in a of disuse and will allow tourists and the general population to enjoy a pleasant experience with nature never seen before.

The project includes the creation of a permanent beach, structure of a cable car, a boardwalk, an aquarium, installation of equipment for sports practice, and the valuable construction of an observatory designed by the renowned Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, aiming to provide tourists and residents a wide area of ​​contemplation of the Meeting of the Waters, one of the most famous and admired natural phenomena in the world.

In addition, the project includes an area destined to restaurants and the commercialization of touristic products.

The main objective is to make the Complex the most visited tourist spot in Manaus.

Investment Information

Type of investment: Greenfield
Amount to be invested: U$65.000.000,00
Project execution phase: Planning phase
Project schedule:

Phase 1 – Access + Sport Park + Museum + Trails + Deck
Above the River (Rio Negro)

Phase 2 – Extension of the park + Public Transport Terminal + PierBoarding + Permanent beach + Facilities for cable car operation

Tupé Theme Park

The Tupé Sustainable Development Reserve is a place unlike anything you have ever seen, where the Amazonian biodiversity coexists with its community.

The Tupé Theme Park it’s a project that will allow Tupé not only to enchant and amuse its visitors, but also help the community to be part of a sustainable manner,  in addition to encourage the conservation and respect for its native species.

Currently Tupé preserves over 11 thousand hectares of natural area only 25 minutes from Manaus – fact that makes it a unique place to build a park.

Beyond the rides, Tupé by itself it’s a place of adventure and entertainment. The Project includes the construction also of restaurants, trails, hotels and amphitheater.

Investment Information

Type of investment: Greenfield
Amount to be invested: U$100.000.000,00
Project execution phase: Planning phase
Project schedule:

Phase 1 – Access + Trails + Pier Boarding + Amphitheater
Phase 2 – Rides + Restaurant + Hotel

Revitalization of Port of Davi

The port of Davi is located in the immediate area of the Ponta Negra Tourist Complex, in the West Zone of Manaus – and is configured as an important urban infrastructure, because it allows daily circulation of the approximately 6 (six) thousand people, including residents of Manaus, residents of riverside areas and tourists.

Its revitalization will allow the essential adjustments to better attend the needs of its users. For this reason the renovation of the Port of David will contemplate the expansion of the port area, the construction of a perennial canal; the implementation of a Bus Terminal that allow intermodal mobility; the construction of pier with accessibility for people with reduced mobility, food court, convenience stores, restrooms and the construction of a Tourist Assistance Center.

Investment Information

Type of investment: Greenfield
Amount to be invested: U$15.000.000,00
Project execution phase: Planning phase
Project schedule: 15 months to all phases